Heidi has been doing well. She has been getting her RSV vaccinations; today is the first day of March and has not had a significant illness since November. At the beginning of January we were able to venture to Ohio to visit Rick’s grandparents and other relatives. That was our first sight of snow this winter. The winter has been unusually cold and gray for central North Carolina, perhaps seeming even grayer than it actually is as our family adjusts to the world with my brother Chris no longer in it.

My older children’s paternal grandparents also met Heidi in January. My older children’s stepmother helped arrange a dinner at Grandma and Grandpa Jung’s where they met Heidi and Cassie for the first time ever; it was good to see them again. We also made up our missed family Christmas dinner with my older children on Valentine’s weekend.

The snow and ice has kept Cassie home from school for two weeks and she could miss still more school this week. We have been largely home bound, enjoying our time indoors, cooking and watching TV in front of the fire, though it’s getting a bit old. It seems I’m good for one week of snow and ice, but not so good for much longer than that! Also, we haven’t been able to get Heidi’s stroller out often lately because of ice and she is really ready to get out! We did go to the state museum of natural history last weekend to see a dinosaur exhibit; Heidi and Cassie both enjoyed that.

Here follows some photos from the past couple of months: