September and the Labor Day holiday slipped up on us. Last year’s Labor Day holiday was another lifetime ago, the prior-SMA lifetime. We vacationed in Washington, D.C., visiting memorials and museums, oblivious to the cataclysm that would meet us in one month.

This Labor Day marked the first day of the most serious illness Heidi has had to this point. We finally got our handicapped modified van on Thursday, September 4th, and Heidi’s first trip in it was to the ER the next day for a chest x-ray. The x-ray showed what could have been a spot of pneumonia, an atelectasis, or part of her thymus gland. (We waited all day for this non-diagnosis, but at least didn’t have to be admitted.) After days of around-the-clock breathing treatments, percussive chest therapy, CoughAssisting, suctioning, and occasionally administering oxygen, Heidi pulled through. She is stronger than ever right now.

Thankfully, Heidi was recently approved for RN level nursing care. We learned during her illness exactly how important it is to have assistants that actually have medical training. (I know I don’t need to explain to SMA moms the frustrations of having unreliable or dangerously incompetent “assistants” sent to our homes.)

But Heidi has recovered, we have our van, and it will be easier for us to get out more! Last weekend (weekend of the 12th) Rick had a science conference in Wilmington. Even though it rained, we had a good time. There was an indoor swimming pool for Cassie and we ate a lot of good food. Even Heidi got to enjoy the crab dip we got in a downtown restaurant.

When we returned that Sunday night, we had a birthday dinner for my oldest daughter Garyn, who turned 22. All of my older kids were there, along with a couple of their friends. Their father Dave, stepmother Johanna, and Johanna’s mother Linda also came. We had a wonderful dinner of Johanna’s stuffed pasta shells, salad, garlic bread, red wine, and fruit tart.

The next day Heidi received the iPad given to her by the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation and a soft blanket made by SMA volunteers M.J. Park and Brenda Hanson. I posted pictures of Heidi above using these new gifts.

Happy coming autumn to everyone!