It’s the last day of September and Heidi continues to make small gains in strength and motor skills. She briefly sat with minimal support last week while working out with her physical therapist. She has also been holding her head up better and moving her trunk more! Here she is working out with her therapist:DSCN0842

Now that we have our van, we are finally mobile as a family. In the last weekend of this month we visited family in Conover and Morganton. My brother Chris has suffered from meningiomas (benign brain tumors) for about four years now. He has them as a result of radiation he received as a child for leukemia. He has had several crainial surgeries in the past years and has lost one eye. He joined us for dinner at my mother’s, but he grew tired and had to leave shortly after dinner. He feels a connection with Heidi in sharing a terminal childhood diagnosis.DSCN0853DSCN0858DSCN0861DSCN0867
We also visited Papa and Gigi, my father and stepmother near Morganton. Heidi, however, was so tired she fell asleep before picture taking. Gigi gave Heidi a soft doll with “Heidi” embroidered on her skirt. The doll is lightweight and has several interesting textures for Heidi to feel: she loves it!DSCN0883DSCN0890
This last picture is of Heidi enjoying her bananas like any other baby, by smearing them all over her face, hair, and clothes!

That’s about all we have for this update. Family and friends, take care!