Well into my favorite month of the year! Last year Heidi’s diagnosis made the beautifully fiery colors of the turning trees look like torches of destruction; we’ve come a long way since then!Try to tell me this sweetie pie is suffering miserably, as we were so resoundingly promised!:


Heidi did have a bad cold over the weekend of the 3rd, but pulled through. I managed to slip away for couple of hours that Saturday the 4th to meet up with my big kids at the bluegrass festival in Raleigh (awesome music!)


Heidi recovered from her cold and was content throughout the week, but it was a few days before we got her oxygen sats up to the high 90s consistently.

Heidi got her new stander the day before she got sick; she may have to be a storm trooper for Halloween!


Here’s Heidi playing with the neighborhood girls:


Saturday, October 11th, was both the annual SMA Walk’n’Roll in Raleigh and Cassie’s birthday; it was quite a hectic day! I decorated the deck for Cassie’s party before the walk, we went to the walk, then immediately had to go into wild-preteen-girl party mode upon our return home! Here are some pics from those events:


Heidi just being our Cutie Piedi: