Heidi got sick at the beginning of the month and her congestion went to pneumonia. She was vomiting and could not keep the antibiotic down, so she had to be hospitalized for it to be given intravenously. She recovered, but then got sick again just before Thanksgiving. We weren’t able to go to Ohio for Thanksgiving to visit Rick’s grandparents as we had planned.

We are learning to seize moments of good health and act spontaneously, rather than rely on well-laid plans. We have to take Heidi to Florida in December for her next dose of the clinical trial drug and we don’t plan to do any other travelling over the holidays. We hope, though, that over the winter at a time when Heidi is well we will be able to just jump into the van and make a trip to Ohio. In the meantime, we are having a lot of fun family time at home with Heidi, Cassie, and my older children, Garyn, Cohen, and Adrien. Cassie and I have also found community in a church family of wonderful people.

We are also always thinking about my brother Chris. His brain tumors have aggressively returned. The treatments he has tried have not been successful and his options are diminishing. He is awaiting a decision from his surgeon as to whether yet another surgery is advisable. Chris has inspired his fellow church members as a certified lay speaker and is known throughout his community for reaching out to the indigent and marginalized. We hope he knows how much, like Heidi, he means to the people whose lives he touches.

(Tree outside the hospital window)

Heidi saying “No” to more pulmonary therapy!

All the girls!
Heidi loves for Mama to play her flute for her!
Heidi got tired of waiting for her hair to grow out!