It’s mid March and winter’s over in North Carolina this year. I’m afraid we’re in for a terribly hot summer with mosquitoes the size of bumble bees. It was a nice winter though, mostly warm and short. Heidi used the Bumbo wheelchair Rick made her until we got her Panthera Micro last week (definitely the most excitement we’ve had in the blessedly uneventful past few weeks!) This first pic shows Heidi in the Bumbo wheelchair and the last one shows her in the Panthera. She was so happy to roll up to the keyboard and start banging on the keys like any normal kid! As we try to settle back into life after Heidi’s diagnosis, we’ve enrolled Cassie back in soccer and are looking for things to keep her busy when school’s out.

It looks Juncture at the Still Point will be published next week. Some reviews have come in and more should come in over the next several weeks. I was going to hold off on publishing until more reviews came in, but a couple of the reviewers have posted their reviews. I don’t want someone to read a review and then not be able to buy the book. It will be available in hard copy and on Kindle; please buy a copy at! We are making efforts to rebound from the past couple of years’ financial consequences. I’m hoping the book might be picked up by a certain editor at Penguin Random House, but whatever happens I’ll never regret having written it. The process was essential in my acceptance of Heidi’s condition and the changes to our lives.

With the warm weather here and Easter coming, we are looking forward to getting Heidi out in the Panthera and enjoying the outdoors before it’s too humid and stifling to move out there. Happy spring to everyone!